9.75" Watts Pleated Water Filter Cartridge 50 Micron

9.75" Watts Pleated Water Filter Cartridge 50 Micron
Brand: Watts
Product Code: WPC50-975
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The Watts 50 Micron Pleated 10" Sediment Filter Cartridge fits all under sink and/or whole house filter housings which use a 10 inch x 2.75 inch water filter replacement cartridge and used to reduce sediment as well as many contaminants such as dirt, turbidity, limescale, rust, sand, silt, and other common particulates and impurities. This filter uses advanced synthetic pleated polyester filtration technology for a larger filter surface area, longer cartridge life, higher flow rates, greater dirt holding capacity, lower pressure drop, and more efficient sediment filtration when compared to other sediment filters which use different types of filter media such as resin, melt blown, spun wound, string wound, etc.

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